The Luxurious Way to Turn Bra Straps into a Fashion Statement

PartiStraps™ Twinkle Series

Look & Feel Good 24/7, 365!

Ladies, we all know that feeling when you can’t win with those pieces of clothing: BRA STRAPS!

Traditional bra straps are bulky, and covering them up is a headache. Then you invest in strapless bras, but they fall down all the time. Adjusting them in public places is NOT cool.

What if there was some sort of middle ground? A new way to turn your bra straps into a subtle yet empowering fashion statement?

With PartiStraps™, there are no “what ifs”!


PartiStraps™ Sparkle Series

PartiStraps™ Dazzle – Bear


PartiStraps™ are NOT your ordinary decorative bra straps. They are fashion-forward jewelry items that turn a traditionally intimate garment into a fashion statement.

That is, you no longer need to hide your bra straps. Instead, use them to amplify your taste in fashion and unleash your unique personality.

We empower women to flaunt their strapless outfits, bikinis and off-the-shoulder clothing with pride and confidence.

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PartiStraps™ Dazzle – Wave

PartiStraps™ Glitter – 1C


PartiStraps™ was created by women, for women. They are handmade with uncompromised love and care, turning high-quality rhinestones and fabric into your peace of mind at an incredibly affordable price.

Further, our hypo-allergenic materials give your skin the royal, VIP treatment.

What’s more, we consciously use simple and eco-friendly packaging to minimize waste and maximize your confidence.

PartiStraps™ Glitter – 2C

FrostedClear™ Series

Hepburn Heaven

Audrey Hepburn is one of history’s most prominent fashion-forward beauties. Her style was always tasteful and elegant. Fill your wardrobe with stunning items Audrey herself would have naturally chosen.

PartiStraps™ never fail to create echoes of “ooo’s” and aaa’s” in women of all shapes and sizes. Shine bright like a diamond, and let PartiStraps™ lead the way at any event, anytime!

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