FrostedClear™ Series


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  • 1 pair or 3 pairs of FrostedClear™ Invisible bra straps
    • A perfect complement to your convertible, strapless bra
  • Excellent ease of use
    • Thoughtfully widened, POM made, attachment pins and hooks to attach straps to bra or garment much more easily
  • Ultimate comfort guaranteed
    • Special coating to prevent straps from sticking to skin due to sweat
  • Say no to uncomfortable NUBRA!
    • Excellent support of the bra and comfort around the shoulder & neck with easily adjustable strap length and highly durable materials
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified for all strap buckles
    • No cleavable arylamines, carcinogens, allergens, biologically active finishes or any other harmful substances
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FrostedClear™ – Product Review

“I have to say that this (FrostedClear™) is by far the best clear straps I’ve ever used!

Because of my personal dressing styles, I wear strapless tops a lot. Thus I use clear straps a lot to provide more support to the bra. I saw this new brand offered with a launching price, so I ordered to give it a try and found that this product has so much higher value than any other brands that I tried so far. I also uploaded a video to show the comparison of Audrey’s Styles (FrostedClear™) and another brand so that you can see with your own eyes the differences. I’d like to compare 3 main areas:

1) The hook

While other brands usually use plastic hooks, Audrey’s Styles (FrostedClear™) use a material called POM, which is an engineering thermoplastic and much stiffer than plastic. This material also makes it a lot easier to attach the straps to the bra.

2) The buckle

Audrey’s Styles (FrostedClear™) has many bump structures to increase friction, and those were not always designed/offered by other brands.

3) The material

I used a lot of silicon clear straps, and their biggest downside is that they stick to your skin when you sweat, making it very uncomfortable. Audrey’s Styles (FrostedClear™) straps have a special coating that keeps the straps off your skin.

This is a purchase of very high value. I highly recommend this listing.”


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Dimensions 4.6 x 2 x 0.2 in

1 Pack, 3 Packs